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Before jumping into our more comprehensive marketing tutorial and jumping into the unknown, We put together a 10 video blueprint with the help of other successful online marketers, so you can better understand how social media works. Here you will find the first step to learning about the in’s and out’s of social media and have the blueprint.

Our comprehensive 14 video step by step social media marketing tutorial where I take you behind the scenes enabling you to follow exactly how to target and find your audience, engage, get real followers and how to find your real buyers and fans. You also have access to our secret social media Facebook group,continuing with support, ideas and interaction. Currently covering Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

An amazing course which has taken 2 years in the making – COMING SOON! .

See our selection of Emags available here. *Music Tips, *Tip Talks – Recording Guitar Tips, Pursuing Your Passion, 5 Ways Musicians Can Own Social Media, Valuable Tips To Improve Your Singing, 16 Tips For Artists To Be Taken Seriously, How To Get Noticed As A Singer, 25 Music Jobs That People Don’t Know About…..and more.


There are more than 2.5  billion online users, what’s your plan and how will they hear about you?


Over 140 Million Users On Spotify


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